Zotebook is an iPad app that recognizes your rough sketches and turns them into precise drawings for laser cutters or 3D printers.

Laser cutters let you build stuff from flat sheets of material like wood, plastic, and leather. They're awesome for turning out prototypes in a matter of minutes.

3D printers let you prototype complex 3D shapes. Even though Zotebook is fundamentally a 2D editor, you can use it make 3D shapes by extruding your model.

Interact through simple gestures

Zotebook is a completely new kind of interface that recognizes your freehand sketches.

Want a line? Just draw one! Want to erase it? Scribble it out! Zotebook's sketch recognizers let you sketch with as much precision as you want.


Right Angle



We sync your files with the web service at zotebook.io. From there you can export your designs to fabrication files (PDF for laser cutters, STL for 3D printers).

This makes it really easy to get your models to the fab machine. No more thumb drives just to fab something! Just use the computer that is connected to your fab machines.



Automatic Shape Packing Layout

Zotebook will pack your sketches together tightly into your cutfile, so you don't waste material. You can even re-use material with holes by indicating areas to avoid when laying out sketches.

How does it work?

Group Mode

Groups let you share your work with others, and make a single, efficient cutfile from everyone's sketches.

Zotebook.io groups are free for academic use through June 2016.

Academic users: subscribe to zotebook.io for free!

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We offer a 7-day free trial. You can cancel any time before the trial ends and you won't be charged—we'll even send you a reminder email.

The Zotebook design app will always be free. You can use it to sketch as much as you want. However, to laser cut or 3D print your designs, you need a zotebook.io subscription.

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